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ESG - our corporate responsibility

DEUTSCHE IMMOBILIEN has actively integrated ESG into its decision-making processes since it was founded in 2019. All investments are subject to a systematic internal review of environmental, social and governance criteria. To raise awareness and further develop ESG-compliant investment opportunities in the real estate asset class, DEUTSCHE IMMOBILIEN has established an ESG committee consisting of members of the Management Board, portfolio and transaction managers and the Advisory Board member Thorsten Seher. The committee defines the framework conditions for sustainable investment strategies and reporting requirements, monitors research and auditing activities relating to sustainability and organizes the transfer of ESG knowledge.

"ESG principles are becoming increasingly important for institutional investors. In addition to ethical gains, sustainable real estate investments also offer the opportunity for real increases in returns. We have set ourselves the task of making ESG tangible for special real estate AIFs and establishing measurability through systematic auditing and controlling processes. Our investors can then decide, depending on their individual investment strategy, to what extent sustainability aspects are taken into account." - Florian Mundt, Managing Partner

In the foreseeable future, new buildings will be completely climate-neutral and real estate data will be digitally accessible over the entire life cycle. Sensible optimization measures must be identified for existing buildings and a continuous improvement process implemented. Ensuring a sustainable energy supply immediately after acquisition forms the basis for further activities. DEUTSCHE IMMOBILIEN incorporates ESG criteria as early as the due diligence stage and defines property-related sustainability strategies. Aspects such as building materials, energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, operating costs, tenant comfort, water consumption, connectivity and tenant structure are taken into account in the assessment process. Subsequent controlling is carried out by the fund and asset management team.

Sustainability-related disclosures

In order to increase the transparency of financial offers and services, financial market participants have been obliged to comply with sustainability-related disclosure obligations since March 2021 in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of November 27, 2019. These obligations are also referred to as the "Disclosure Regulation" and include the disclosure of a wide range of information on sustainability. This includes information about the company itself as well as its products. Here you can view the SUSTAINABILITY-RELATED DISCLOSURES (Version 2.0) for DEUTSCHE IMMOBILIEN KVG GmbH. A declaration pursuant to Art. 10 of the Disclosure Regulation in conjunction with Art. Art. 37 ff. RTS can be found in the login area for our clients.

Social & environmental partnerships

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